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Future goals

Scale & Growth

Demodyfi has regional communities all over the world. We are strategic planning to extend our reach specifically to other markets globally as the project gains more popularity.

As we mentioned before Demodyfi wants to integrate more innovative features.

  • Integrate stable coin DUSD in the near future.

  • Integrate unsecured DOT loans.

  • Integrate Moonbeam's GLMR token (incentives)

Current community growth strategies of Demodyfi include:

  • Expanding the ecosystem through strategic partnerships with established projects and initiate collaborated decentralized liquidity pools, enabling cross-chain lending possibilities.

  • Organizing and participating in various crypto and blockchain events to build more engagement with our users and the community.

  • Providing weekly and monthly updates to the community about the project’s latest news and technical developments.

  • Amplifying Demodyfi’s reach to new markets and communities with the help of the ongoing Ambassador Program.

  • Providing online product demos and hosting webinars to engage with developers.

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