This paper introduces a Substrate-based engine on the Polkadot network and will elaborate on the decentralized protocol that enables cross-chain financial stability and liquidity on Polkadot.


Despite the offer and popularity of several exchanges in the market, there is still plenty of room for growth. Crypto consumers prefer centralized exchanges in part because of their convenience and ease of use, while still being mindful of the risk to their wallets. Based on research by Prof. Philipp Sander, decentralized exchanges still have a long way to go when it comes to ease of access for novice and advanced consumers. The current range of decentralized exchanges shows that complexity is still a big issue. However, some of them are simply not properly decentralized and have also been hacked. An exchange cannot be positioned as decentralized if it can lose or freeze customer funds.

Ethereum network fees have skyrocketed and performance is often slow, frustrating end-users as seen during the Defi hype. Ethereum is congested and cost efficiency & scalability challenges are driving projects to build other chains.

The challenges

•	Inadequate UI/UX experience. 
•	Congestion Ethereum network (high gas prices)
•	complexity of advanced economic features. 
•	Insufficient decentralization.
•	Liquidity Problem

Users are increasingly demanding;
•	Cost reduction in transactions
•	Ultra-fast swaps
•	Simple, User-friendly UI/UX
•	Buy and move assets between blockchains

Cope with the issue context and solution

There are several ways for Demodyfi to contribute to the issues mentioned in the issue section.

  • Leveraging Polkadot's advanced substrate technology and Moonbeam's Parachain interoperability.

  • Focused on market segmentation with all DeFi needs in one place.

  • Collaborated decentralized liquidity pools enabling NFT cross-chain lending.

  • Advanced Price Discovery (Oracle).

  • By leveraging Moonbeam's parachain capabilities, Demodyfi is able to bring in liquidity from substrate-based blockchains, not just Ethereum-based chains.

Future plans:
•	Integrate stable coin DUSD in the near future.
•	Integrate unsecured DOT loans. 

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