Multichain Bridge
Demodyfi allows users to transfer tokens like ERC20 and ERC721 between Moonbeam and polygon freely without any central authority. This development is expected to extend the functionality of Demodyfi and introduce Moonbeam users to the asset and NFT protocol.


The bridge is deployed between Moonbase Alpha Testnet and Polygon Mumbai Testnet, since polygon is bridged with Ethereum testnet this allows us to bridge Ethereum tokens to Moonbeam and in turn, bring the assets to Polkadot ecosystem.

See the video tutorial here

IMPORTANT: If you do not have any test MATIC tokens or DEV tokens, you can get them from their faucet at and respectively
“The Demodyfi team is constantly working in being creative and to simplify the process for Ethereum-based projects that want to attract liquidity towards and from Polkadot. Through our integration with ChainSafe on the ChainBridge project, we can offer a fully and freely functioning bridge from the Demodyfi platform in cross chain interoperability."
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