How to Stake

This is a guide to staking on Demodyfi. If you are ever in doubt, reach out to an admin in the Telegram group.

Getting Started

Users are also able to stake with Walletconnect, Portis and Authereum

1 - Go to

2. Set up your wallet.

3. Connect it to the Network, Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain

4. Double-check your Demodyfi balance.

5. Approve the amount of tokens you want to stake.

6. Confirm the Stake transaction

7. Enjoy the rewards.

8. Every epoch you will be able to come to the dapp and harvest the rewards or restake them to the pool in one click.

As always, reach out to us on Telegram from live chat questions and discussions.

You must connect with your wallet, otherwise you will see that you are “Disconnected”.

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