Token distribution

This section describes a part of the token distribution. The parachain offering IPO 18% (is described in the IPO section)

DeFi Protocols have made use of liquidity programs to jumpstart growth and distribute protocol tokens to community members. To that end, 50% of all DMOD tokens are to be distributed through various yield farming and liquidity incentives across a number of years.

Seed – 4.500.000 DMOD / development / operations / cloud / marketing

  • 600.000 DMOD will be allocated in development. 100.000 DMOD for technical experiments and innovation based on research.

  • 300.000 DMOD will be distributed to daily operations including outside contributors, this includes operating and overhead expenses like additional utility services.

  • 200.000 DMOD will be reserved to start in initial marketing activities.

  • 100.000 DMOD will be reserved for cloud and hosting.

Private 6.000.000 DMOD / Market Making / Marketing PR / Legal / Security / Airdrops /

  • 300.000 DMOD will be distributed in the first year through liquidity programs and other Defi initiatives. The goal applies a boost the DMOD liq. Ratio and to set up a fair price for the community.

  • 150.000 DMOD will be distributed to set up articles on different marketing mediums.

  • 130.000 DMOD Legal and business efforts to advance the adoption of the protocol.

  • 240.000 DMOD - for security measures.

  • 100.000 DMOD – Airdrops

The Project Treasury is an entire community and team governed pool of DMOD. It should be used for making grants for development of the Demodyfi technology, open-source upkeep of the code, future audits of smart contracts, bug bounties through responsible disclosure, possible additional cross-chain implementations, creation of new protocol level features and updates.

Team 16.000.000 DMOD / 16% – 6 months cliff, then linear over 3 years Team tokens are retained for founders and original early contributors to Demodyfi. The Demodyfi Protocol was conceived in late 2019 and work began in early 2020. The Demodyfi concept has been over 1 years old since conception. Although we are close to the Beta-testnet being launched, the contributions of founders and early members that have been working on Demodyfi were crucial to releasing the protocol. The team will continue to work on Demodyfi for its lifetime along with the greater community.

Strategic Advisors and Outside Early Contributors 7.000.000 DMOD / 7% – 8 months Advisory tokens are allotted for strategic work done in legal, technical, and business efforts to advance the adoption of the Demodyfi protocol. The tokens are vested evenly over 3 years.

Private Investors / 5,5% – 10% day 1, rest vests over 12 months The first round for whitelisting ETH wallet addresses started in late December 2020. ​ IPO Swap participants will be able to exchange their DMOD tokens at the best possible Initial Parachain Offering price which we will share the expected % for bonus and reward users for helping our auction with $DMOD tokens. The IPO sale will be held in the form of a lease sale, where DOT token holders lease their tokens to Demodyfi for the purpose of participating in a parachain auction. DOT token holders will always get the full amount of their tokens back. When this will happen, respectively are:

  • If Demodyfi does not win the parachain auction

  • If Demodyfi wins the parachain auction, tokens will be distributed back at the end of the parachain lease

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