Cross-chain Swap

Polkadot defines a low-level integration protocol that can be used to facilitate communication between parachains within the Polkadot network called cross-chain message passing (XCMP), and a way to share trusted logic between chains on the Polkadot network called shared protected runtime execution enclaves (SPREE).

The asset cross-chain bridge gateway serves as a bridge connecting the multi-currency asset market and the Polkadot DeFi market, allowing users with different assets to seamlessly participate in the upcoming Polkadot DeFi market more conveniently. User transfers are generated by the gateway and sent to the Demodyfi platform which performs a 1:1 conversion of assets. Finally, all the tokens on the chain can be circulated on the Demodyfi platform to realize the generation of different parachains currency value circulation. The XCMP protocol will allow any parachains to interoperate by passing messages between them. Furthermore, as bridges to other chains are launched (such as those to Bitcoin or Ethereum) the parachains will be able to operate with these as well.

ERC-721 Token Transfer (beta)

Although it’s possible to swap any asset cross-chain, Demodyfi is implementing a modular multi-directional blockchain bridge built by ChainSafe and provided by Moonbeam, which connects our Beta TestNet and Ethereum’srinkeby TestNet. The bridge is at its core, a message-passing protocol. Chainbridge relies on trusted relayers to perform, however, it features a mechanism that prevents any individual relayer from abusing their power and mishandling funds. This means that besides ERC-20 tokens, also ERC-721 implementations and NFT capabilities will be available to use on the Demodyfi platform.

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